The Big Idea

Rediscover Sunday... Not everyone likes to clean, so we made it faster (and natural too).


of household cleaning can be done with only water


+ natural

The mechanical action removes dirt and grease, the fibers trap it.


+ effective

Absorbs liquid and removes grease naturally.


+ quick

Cut down cleaning time by 50%. That’s a lot of time for new movies!


Born to go the extra mile

What will you do with your new found free time?

Here’s what they did….

Cut down cleaning time by 50%

Read, draw, and write.

Rachel H. – Fairbanks, AK

spend more time outdoors

Spend more time outdoors

Jessica N. – Suitland, MD

free time

Theater classes with my daughter

Lyndi J. – Aubrey, TX

Our big ideas gave birth to new ideas…

90% of the household cleaning can be done with just water; but what about the other 10%?

We could not imagine anything better than our natural products!

safe, fun, all natural scents that will fill the air….the natural way


and very powerful

remove makeup with just water
Natural & Organic Baby Care

Our continuous progress

There is an entire global team constantly working on new ideas. We are always looking for easier methods and more ways to spend less time behind the mop.

spend less time behind the mop