Q: I'm not familiar with Direct Selling, what are it's advantages?
A: Direct Selling is a way to share products directly with the consumer without the “middle man” who, in the case of H2O at Home, would be the big retailers (Target, Walmart, etc.) or grocery stores. What makes Direct Sales so appealing to millions of people is that it’s like owning your own business without the financial risks, yet with all the flexibility, control, and earning potential.
Another advantage is that you can get started and be successful with no experience at all! If you have a willingness to share with others, an eagerness to learn the business, and the ability to work hard to earn serious money, Direct Sales is for you!

Q: Why should I join H2O at Home instead of another direct selling company?
A: Beyond the uniqueness of our products, H2O at Home offers a business building model which allows our people to earn more than their counterparts at other companies. Click here to see it.

We are a proud member of the DSA (Direct Selling Association), which ensures the highest level of business ethics and service to consumers. We are proud to uphold our pledge to always abide by the DSA Code of Ethics. H2O at Home is growing fast in the US and we are thrilled that so many people are changing their lives and the ives of their families. Let’s face it - leveryone has to clean. We are proud that our products help people save time, save money, and protect the environment.

Q: How do I get started?
A: Simply get in touch with an Advisor to have a conversation about your goals and expectations. If you do not have one yet, contact us and we will refer you to an experience Advisor nearby.

Our Advisor Business Kit is $99 and is packed with H2O at Home products, training tools, and business
supplies. Your Sponsor and your Leader will be supporting you, showing you how to conduct demos, and walking you through our training tools.

Q: How much will I earn?
A: It’s entirely up to you! With H2O at Home, you are your own boss, and there is no limit to your earnings.

Some Advisors decide to make a supplemental income, some make a comfortable living, while others are fulfilling dreams! You will receive 25% to 40% commissions on your personal sales, as well as additional commissions on the sales of the Advisors you have introduced to the business. You will also receive cash bonuses and prizes when your team reaches certain goals.

Q: What other benefits do you offer?
A: Where do we start? An all expenses paid trip each year can be yours when you work your business

We handle all the inventory for you and ship directly to hosts or customers. All credit card processing, host rewards, and payment of sales tax is handled by us.

A personalized website, our monthly newsletter, and our virtual office are yours, free for your first three months (after three months, it's $15 per month).

We also offer an optional health insurance plan for individuals and families.

Q:What are the people like?
A:Our Advisors like to have fun! They are people with full-time jobs, stay at home moms, people getting advanced degrees, and even retired people.

Their commonality is that they LOVE H2O at Home’s products and they love to demonstrate them to groups, laughing and learning about how to make home and personal care simpler and safer. Attend a local team meeting and see for yourself! Ask your advisor for details.