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beneficial difference
Industrial beauty products are generally formulated with water and synthetic ingredients to provide texture and fragrances, but often contain very few ingredients that are truly beneficial for your skin. H2O at Home's personal care products provide you with the best nature has to offer.

provence difference
Our soaps, lotions, and cleansers are inspired by, and created with, the flowers and plants of the Provence region of France. Drawing from the French spirit, that seeks to protect the Earth, we use traditional French ingredients, recipes, and traditions when making our products so that you can experience the benefits and fragrances of France in your own home.

transparency difference
The organic cosmetic industry in France is overseen by third-party certifying bodies such as EcoCert® and CosmeBio®. They ensure the traceability of ingredients and guarantee the authenticity of products labeled organic. Our products contain larger quantities of active ingredients than traditional products, and we are proud to display a full list of our natural ingredients on every product.

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